Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

DR-BC-Image-OnlyDisaster Recovery and Business Continuity

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If you have ever worried about what would happen to your organization if your network or servers were hit by a disaster, then you need to take a hard look at your backup and disaster recovery plan. How long can you stay in business if your IT system is compromised or destroyed by water, wind, or fire?

—Risk Mitigation / Reduction….How long can you be without “fill-in-the-blank”? Your: Email / Data / Application / Server / Network / Remote Access

The answer to the above is defined by the “Time-to-Restore” your Operation

Thankfully the disaster of losing all of your critical data can be easily avoided! Provision Data Solutions can ensure that your data is properly backed up and our disaster recovery options enable PDS to have you up and running again in surprisingly little time EVEN if your existing server is damaged or destroyed.

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